Home Decor Trends 2020

Home Decor Trends 2020

By Stag Interiors Southwold

Sprucing up your home this year? The latest interior trends are a superb source of inspiration when you’re just starting out whether it be

a large-scale project or simply a few small touches.

Four key trends for the year ahead:

  • Calming Blue -  Blue is always a popular shade for the interiors of your home thanks to its associations with calmness and tranquillity, but we’re expecting to see even more of it this year.
  • 2020 Country - A large farmhouse in the countryside brings with it something very unique, ships beams, open fireplaces and lots of character all in such a rural vista. These important features are on most people’s long list when looking for a home, but there is nothing stopping you using this trend in a modern urban setting.
  • Modern Neutrals - No longer limited to classic cream, grey and beige, it can now include a plethora of colours as long as they are in the right tone. Neutral chalky shades work particularly well thanks to the intrinsic softness that helps to create calm and laid-back interiors.
  • Organic Materials - Natural finishes continue throughout the year with designs found in organic forms, i.e coral and fungi. Natural materials are also being  used to super effect, creating fantastic finishes that are interpretations of lichens and moss.

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